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Friday, August 29, 2008

Zery's Artworks @ eXpoconvo 08

Hai, Zery di sini.

Aku mau kongsi lukisan yg aku tunjuk kt expoconvo itu hari.

Artemis in casual clothes
Artemis, casual

Father Cristopher Juan Bartholomew
Mr. Bart

Semoga anda bergembira dengan lukisan aku yg simple.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

BASF Petronas Chemical Conscience Camera Award 2008

Anda ada baca Berita Harian, The Star, Harakah, Bintang Pop, Mastika atau komik Kreko?

Hari ini JP movement ingin berkongsi satu rahsia. Setelah lama menyimpannya (2bulan pulun tangkap gambar hehe), tapi bak kata orang tua-tua 'sharing is caring' kami ingin berkongsi dengan anda semua.

Untuk semua pencinta fotografi.
Silalah baca entri di bawah pasti akan menguja semangat anda semua....

BASF Petronas Chemical Conscience Camera Award 2008

When you it with conscience??

Got camera?? Can shoot?? BASF PETRONAS Chemical is presenting
its conscience camera award to a photograper with a conscience.

This award is a national competition open to citizens of malaysia and will run for period of three month from JULY to SEPTEMBER 2008. The total prize more than RM16000 to be won.

Based on theme, 'Care for our enviroment' which is something more specifically related to enviromental protection, an esteemed jury will evaluate all entries received by 30th September 2008.

BASF PETRONAS Chemical noted that it was interesting to see how Malaysians had interpreted last year theme through their lense n vision. The corporation once again hopes to create awareness of enviroment with this year's photo competition. All finalist and winning images will be featured in an upcoming photo exhibition to be held in November.

Picture paints a thousand of words..
For further information and entry form, contact K-Media crew..
or log on

BASF adalah salah sebuah peneraju utama syarikat 'chemical' dan pertandingan ini adalah percuma. Pepatah Melayu mengatakan "Kail panjang sejengkal lautan yang dalam lagikan diduga, inikan pula kamera vga, subjek yang jauh ingin di shot juga."

Apa lagi ditunggu download lah borangnya di sini

Ikon alam sekitar Karam Singh Walia di UMP baru-baru ini.

"When you click the shutter, you capture the moment forever"
Reddu melaporkan.Wassalam.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sempurna@Semporna di KK2

Video (latihan lagu) boleh didapati di ftp link berikut: Nubu's ftp

Lirik sementara:

    Dingin pagiku buat ku bergigil
    KuKayuh basikal sampai kaki krem
    Hingga pedalku tercabut sudahh
    Tayarnya kurang angin (arrhhh)

    Jalan kampus gravel macam estet
    Lori getah pun masuk lepas pak guard
    Belum sampai kelas sudah keringat
    Bau kepetku pun semakin kuat

    sampai di kelas
    Aku lupa matrik kadku tinggal
    Di kikidua
    Kena balik semula
    Guna la bah basikal ini juga

    Kenapa rumahku jauuuh (di kiki2)
    Kenapa kampus macam Island (di kiki2)
    Kenapa jalan banyak batu (di kiki2)
    Kenapa padang berpasir (di kiki2)

    Walau begini..
    Hidup ku masih lagi nah is Steady
    Piiigi kelass,
    Macam ndak ada apa
    Sebab Kakiku tegap macam Untaaa!

    Kami masih lagi bangga ()
    Kami syukur seadanya ()
    kami sayang tempat ini ()
    Janganla banyak komplen~

    Aku dari Semporna (sempor-Semporna)
    Aku dari Sipadan Island (Dekat Semporna)
    Aku orang Shampulnah (Semporna sabah)
    Sempurna Shampulnah..


Monday, August 25, 2008

Pertandingan Senireka Grafik 2008

Mari masuk pertandingan di bawah

itu saja sekiann.
/yamin yang malas mau tulis panjang-panjang

Sunday, August 24, 2008

eXpoconvo '08 Day 3 report (finally)

3rd day at expoconvo 08, kuantan parade.

0830 am - waking up from yesterday's worn-out -ness, just to be worn out again today.

0945 am - fetched Toramizu and departed from UMP.

1030 am - Arrival @ Kuantan Parade, Setting up the booth.

1100 am - Some visitors already requested information about the club, and it's up to Yamin to explain it about them.

"Kalau saya nak tempah banner design boleh tak?" (can i order banner design from your club?)

Of course, business chance is also starting to emerge from this kind of conversation.

1125 am - More and more people are coming to the booth, but there appears to be a problem...

Toramizu, the fastest one to set-up her computer(laptop), shows her techniques in digital art.

1130 am - Me: "Min, the computer is $#l?/!!! laa, the damn thing juz dun wanna keluar sound...?@#$!!! tul laaa..."

Yamin: "Hah!?"

Sound hardware messing up...If this continues, we can not have Frets-on-Fire or Visual Orchestra System challenge for today...

While Yamin and I were bugged with audio problem, Toramizu steadily continues with her work...Now that's FOCUS for ya.

"(Doesn't seem like BIOS problem to me...)" the president thought.

"( la laa....)" Probably listening to mp3 under her tudung. Made me wish I can wear tudung also, SERIOUSLY(I mean it would be great listening to music in class without the lecturer knowing).

At the same time, our finance manager, Surya, was doing his best at his team's Rekacipta booth.

Mr. Aziman, doing his best to explain the software his team made for the competition. "Dia sebenarnya macam ni, macam tu.."

Khalis's mind is blank, as usual.Last2 dapat no.3 juga...aku ndak tau kalau ada bias atau tidak...aku ndak terlibat..

1200 pm - Min: "Argh, I can't solve this! We have to abandon Frets and VOS. Well then,'s up to you now."

Urgh. Talk about motivation deduction. I can't listen to my favorite songs now. GREAT. JUST GREAT.

Well fine...I can just draw something up.

With Yamin giving up on the games, he continues to provide meaningful information to the visitors.

GOD knows how depressed we were that day.

0100 pm - One of the visitors personally approached Toramizu and had a dialogue with her. I don't really know the details, but surely, THIS was one of them:

"Mana satu yg awak lukis?"
"Yang tu, tu , dan yang tu.."

Man I'm hungry....depression in the morning is definitely not something one would ask for.

Believing in Daniel/ Den, I asked him to buy me a Nasi Pattaya.
Den: "Tengoklah kalau ade...."

For some of you who's wondering, Den is from JB. Yamin, Nizam, and I - we're from KK, Sabah. Surya and Khalis are from Tawau, Sabah.
Toramizu? ask her in that catbox section we got here..

0345 pm - The rekacipta finished already, so Surya returned to our booth followed by Khalis. As I and Yamin had our Ice cream break, Surya assumed control of his PC and opened 3D's Max to show off his knowledge.

0420 pm - Clears the booth to prepare for going back to UMP. Teamworking spirit!

And this is the certificate for our club....participating in eXpoconvo '08. Really grateful for this!

Surya: "This certificate is not a lie, so don't try to mess up with our club...Or I'll backstab you!"

Hmph, you and your DotA terms.


That's all folks for the 3rd day! Thank you for your involvement in the process! We hope to see you guys again next time!!

  • Surya's PC audio hardware was damaged.
  • K-Media started to accept banner/bunting/poster/flyer/pamphlet design order.
  • Also, Band performance is now available to be booked for any events, be it weddings or business matters.
*Edited 7.30pm 27.08.08

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Expoconvo'08 2nd Day

A picture's worth a thousand words?

Indeed, as downloading and uploading files in UMP are becoming harder and harder i.e slower and slower. A picture's really worth a thousand words here!

But as promised, let's see some pictures.

Toramizu (Rosmaliza) setting up the booth.
Ready, steady...

Some K-media members' designs and artworks showed....

Yamin... Kids' attraction?

Toramizu nurturing future talents?
Some visitors trying 'Frets on Fire' Challenge
And not really just some visitor trying 'Frets on Fire' at K-Media booth!

The JHEPA's Dean, Prof Dr Abdul Jalil Assistant Registrar, Encik Reduan

Live Digital Art Performance- Tokura(Den), Zery, and Toramizu showing off their talents to public.

Visitors and more visitors... Thank you for visiting!

Peace to heaven. God gave us strength.

Hope that we will get even more crowd on the last day, tomorrow!
The more the merrier =)

Dayat reporting from Q36.... zassss. Wassalam
*edit by Zery on 25/08/2008

p/s: K-Media band live performance at SymBion 08 has been uploaded. Check out Nub's FTP click or browse through my share folder (only for UMPians) with IP address : dyart