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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Activities Act2

Lets get along with K-Media! I mean the activities we want to organise.


We will open this competition to all college and University in Kuantan. Prize worth of RM300 or a visit to Singapore. The aim is to burn your mind with creativity! Come on people out there show yourself what you can do with your head. The competition divided into 4 parts, Video, graphic, Flash animation and Blog, and some of these contest have different categories, Below are the details about the program:

Video Making
Theme category: as suggested, this year theme is about MERDEKA!! Who doesn't like this?
Open category : anything worth watching. Could be informative, funny, cry or sudden seizure.

Basic rules:
1. No sex, racial, and anything that suppose to be not appropriate in Malaysia
2. Video duration must be not more that 5 min and not less that 2 min.

Comic Strip :draw your comic, what else. Color will be a bonus boost to jury.
Creative Themed Photo :same theme, MERDEKA. Photoshoped allowed.

No specification for what blog you want to create. Anyting can be. The creativity of explaining ideas and story in blog are the criteria for winner.

Flash Animation
No specification for what animation you want to produce. But must has message or motive. Not less that 30 sec and not more that 5 min.

Hey, before last night sleep, I got this idea. I want to approach Yasmin Ahmad to become our jury! Hows that sound? Hopefully she will accept us.

Maybe open for participation next week.
Due date?
Two weeks after test week.

okayy thats all for Senireka, next we have:


Its a festival! As the name suggest you can assume we will have numbers of booths to demonstrate digital media. Ever watched how designer create drawings in computer? Now you can see it LIVE! Yeahh here in UMP we have Tablet Sif0o0o, and his/her finger ithcy for the night!.

We also will make the winners of Senireka Competition to claim their prized here, and of course so show off their proud works. V.O.S and Frets on Fire players come the night! Here we have booth for you to rock your music. Be the first in the scoreboard and win exclusive K-Media t-shirt, wear to lecture and get recognized!.

And for the main thing, Band! We have Bands. 's' at the end mean more than 1 band will get you entertained all the night. They play several songs live.

The night is for fun and new experiences. Indulge yourself in everything we have that upcoming night!

27th August 08
At white cafe canopy or they called it starbuck.
What to bring?
Clear head and open soul. Positive mind, extra smiley face recommended.

Activities Action

"masalahnya kita kena cari orang dulu baa baru bole setel ajk"
"bhaa antar memo bhaa.."
"OK! Aku buat memo skarang"


"Ada ka orang mo balas ni bui?"
"Ntah kita antar jak, ada juga tu.."


We open for 'who wannabe AJK in K-Media incoming activities?'. Surprisingly until now I recorded almost 50+ names. After Tuesday, the day I closed the 'who wannabe AJK in K-Media incoming activities?', still there are people sending memo and SMS to me. Thank you all, I never expect this. <---(terharu). All your names will be stored safely in my HD. Thats all I can do for you. We might call you for the next activities.

Next, we have 2 main events:


After random selection of names we pointed out several people to be Head of the Program. The one we choosed, Wan Nur Izaty to in charge for DIGITAL ART FAIR and Shafwan as the leader of SENIREKA GRAFIK team organiser, seem perfect to us. They carry their duty quite well, and asked anything they don't know. Again, Alhamdulillah, god has make our duty lighter.

All the AJK are selected, and the proposals were already sent to Unit Aktviti. Seem need several adjustment but not a big problem. They should settle it before today or tomorrow. Meetings carry on like usual. We just help them whatever we can.

What did i tell you? K-Media on the move, and we mean it!

History of the Host

Notice his smiled? He's faking it. Who the heck is he anyway?

I wonder how exactly we gave birth to this small club? After a long sit with my back hurt in the living room of F17, I present you all the history.

It all start from drama. Yeah sound ridiculous but a friend of mine really got us into this.

Ever watch 14 Sai no Haha? Its a Japaneses drama with a lot of plot twist and turn, mainly about a 14 year old girl that want to be mother.Story goes like, she like a boy then they get together in a small house after the boy run from a fight, then she got pregnant. Like other girl would do, keep the little secret. But not for long it become big.

Her family burst with anger especially her dad that cannot accept this kind of situation. Mom told her brother that sister got sick. Dad almost lost control of his cool, crying just like my sister when her fav book lost, feeling very disappointed with her dad declared she no longer his daughter. <--(happen every time in drama).

Before this she was a happy normal school girl, lovely with summer school dress, has a brilliant smile, she was DJ in her school, good grades, everyone like her, she got the perfect environment. One mistake is enough to change everything. The perfect environment turn out to be the perfect hell.

Once her friend tried to backstab her in the DJ room. Girls problem, I cannot understand why she would do that. The main point is her. School try to take her out. Mom need to face the young mother rumor when she work at the evening cafe. Dad also work harder to be ready for the baby. As soon as she put her mind that she want to has her child, her family cannot persuade her anymore to let go. She's gonna be mommy! and her mommy gonna be grand mommy!. How nice she just 14. what are the connection between this wicked girl wannabe mommy drama and K-Media?

Funny, but in the story, there was this cool man playing journalist or reporter or whatever that you assume cool to look at. He stalked the girls family to dig the story. Interviewing her parents and apparently rescuing her in the middle of trouble. <---(she feeling sick because of the baby). No No No! There was no love here. This is not even a love story. Put it this way. We watched this her acting. Her acting way too gooooood. 14 year old kid got to take a heavy role as accidentally pregnant girl and at the same time looking innocent. We know she what she did was very wrong, but she managed to make us belief she was right! Damn good her innocent looking act. Then we watched the journalist. Way too cool. Yeah that drama hypnotize us and greatly affect our brain stem to stand up and do something. Right! Lets launch our first magazine here in UMP! No club or organization had published a student oriented activities magazine, or at least bulletin.

Yeaargghhh... Start the paperwork. Paperwork done! Not so faaast, you cannot suddenly make student activities without being in any available club or society in UMP. Right.. and no club in UMP that want to make magazine.
THEN LET JUST CONSTRUCT OUR OWN CLUB. Solve everything, and from that point we gave birth to a new club and we name it MEDIA AND JOURNALISM CLUB (KELAB MEDIA DAN KEWARTAWANAN).

Now there is a connection. But where the heck is the megazine? What can I say, yeah! In Progress..
Rise my club! Till the end of time! We will flourish and bloom like no other! Ignore hate and cold brain! Together we will stannnnd armed with creative mind and open heart! Spread the Love, spread the words!

Now after you finished reading this, yeahh we all now have same brain frequency. Practically we are one!

*14 sai no haha = '14 year old mom' or 'she got pregnant and get away with it at the age of 14'. I recommend you to watched this. The music good.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A new Hope!

This is the test entry.